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At IGT, we provide top-quality glass hardware for glazier professional & architectural projects. We are dedicated to providing you the highest level of customer service and technical support on all our product lines. Our innovative products and large in-stock inventory allow us to keep up with the latest trends and developments in modern minimalist glass assemblies.

We are committed to

Serving the world through high-quality, innovative glass hardware products. With our standards for excellence and integrity, we position ourselves as a cornerstone of every community in which we operate. With a powerful combination of research, technical expertise, and creativity, we provide our valued customers with the unique solutions they require. Rather than going for the easy fix or the cheap product, we dedicate ourselves to perfecting our craft and honoring our customers’ needs with products that meet the highest industry standards for reliability.

With our team of exceptional people and the passionate leadership at the helm of our company, we offer an amazing work environment with in- house development. From robust quality control measures to stay fully compliant with industrial standards, we create our glass hardware products in a way that makes the world a better and safer place for our workers, clients, and communities.


Our History

Founder/CEO Gustavo Henao was inspired by his family business of 65 years which manufactured glass and mirrors with artisanal techniques. As he came to appreciate the integrity and creativity that went into these amazing works, he noticed that the glass industry at large suffered from limited product options, low-quality hardware, and out-of-date processes. He wanted to keep the passion and beauty of this industry alive as he began to move the industry forward by revamping the glass hardware sector. With this passion in mind, he built his company in Miami as a young entrepreneur. Now, IGT is proud to create exceptional glass hardware solutions while educating and inspiring its clients with the power of this incredible industry.

IGT envisions its role as an industry leader in glass hardware, facilitating new levels of construction excellence and performance. Since its inception as a purveyor of premium glass hardware, IGT has been elevating its standards and providing premium quality an optimal time to its clients. Blending performance, affordability, and functionality, IGT is innovating and improving its glass hardware in both the quality of its products and the unique solutions it creates. As the aspiring “Amazon of glass hardware,” IGT aims to set a new high bar through timely delivery, easy-to-install products, and exceptional customer service.

Brand Promise

IGT commits to offering the following to its clients

Same-day order processing and fulfillment.

Same-day shipping for online customers. next-day delivery for local customers.

Friendly problem solving and answering of any construction questions customers may have regarding the installation of the hardware.

Pick-up-and-go fast service of fewer than 15 minutes for showroom customers.

3-year warranty on all products.

Industry-fair pricing for exceptional-quality.

All hardware meets compliance with all applicable construction codes and safety standards.

How Can we help you?

As a premier creator of custom glass hardware solutions, IGT serves small- to large-sized enterprises in the glass industry, especially installation experts and glazing contractors. We understand the level of detail and durability that our clients demand to best serve their customers, which is why we prioritize customer feedback in our research and development. With our commitment to providing innovative products to our clients, we go beyond what most contractors expect for their suppliers. When you partner with IGT, you gain the assurance that exceptional products will be paired with exceptional customer service.

IGT seeks to go beyond traditional, limited methods of product development and manufacturing. With a commitment to best serving our clients’ interests — and the needs of their customers — we blend innovation with our rigorous testing process to ensure exceptional results. Our products are durable, easy to install, and designed for lasting performance. We control our own manufacturing quality assurance, we can innovate and improve as we meet the highest standards of industry compliance.

As part of our dedication to the communities in which we operate, we also implement eco- friendly processes to reduce our carbon footprint to give back to our planet. We’re working on ways to reduce paper or use sustainable alternatives, such as sugar cane paper. The Box is our campaign to use fewer boxes and create less waste. We are also implementing new mobile technology to fulfill orders with greater efficiency and less paperwork.

We lead with a passion that stems from a long tradition of glassmakers, yet we fully embrace the modern appetite for unique, upscale designs and high performance. This unique blend allows us to serve equally passionate clients who favor high-quality, creative solutions over cheap, unreliable products. With our efficient, sustainable process and commitment to customer service, we can deliver results more quickly and with higher degrees of trust and expertise than our competitors.

Our Locations


5260 NW 167th ST
Miami Gardens, FL

Hours of Operation
Monday to Friday: 7:30A.M -5:00P.M.
​​​​​​​Saturday: 8:30A.M. -12:00A:M

Lucia Rynka
Branch Manager
​​​​​​​[email protected]

West Palm Beach

8460 Belvedere Road, Unit B1
West Palm Beach, FL

Hours of Operation
Monday to Friday: 7:30A.M -5:00P.M.
​​​​​​​Saturday: CLOSED

Cristian Zuluaga
Branch Manager
​​​​​​​[email protected]

​​​​​​​Orlando Office

1700 35th ST
Orlando, FL 32839
​​​​​​​Suite 112

Hours of Operation
Monday to Friday: 7:30A.M -5:00P.M.
Saturday: CLOSED

Sebastian Cairo
Branch Manager
[email protected]


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    “We get great customer service and good products in a timely manner.”

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    “Good service and good quality in the hardware.”

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    “They have great and very knowledgeable workers”


IGT Glass hardware is a company dedicated to design, sell and distribute architectural hardware for the glass industry.

Our products are produced to meet all industry standards to ensure that we provide excellent finishes, outstanding quality and durability.


IGT Glass Hardware
5260 NW 167th Street
Miami Gardens, FL 33014

Phone: (877) 658-9008
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