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Glass shower doors are sleek, modern, add natural light to your bathing routine, and are more sanitary than plastic shower curtains. But did you know they can also shatter without warning, spraying both you and your shower with broken glass? While glass panel bathroom designs are becoming more common, so is the danger associated with having them.

How Is Tempered Glass Made?

​​​​​​​Glass manufacturers begin with standard (annealed) glass sheets. They inspect them for flaws or bubbles (which could lead to breakage), clean and wash them, then heat the panels to a temperature of 1112℉ (600℃) in an industrial oven.

The sheets are cooled by using high-pressure blasts of cold air from different angles for 3-5 seconds. This process of “quenching” cools the glass surface much faster than the inside layer can cool. The middle of the glass sheet retains a high-energy state and remains in tension with the outer layer, which goes into compression from the faster cooling.

This difference in cooling speed makes tempered glass much stronger and resistant to breakage. It’s also why tempered glass doesn’t simply crack or break into shards. Yet the very edge of the glass sheet, which is literally hair-thin (1/16 of an inch), is left fragile. If something hits that 1/16” (or the raw edge), then the glass will shatter as if exploding from the inside. This is because the trapped energy in the slower-cooled center releases itself all at once and breaks every bit of glass in the sheet.

What can you do to eliminate the risk of stepping on shattered glass if your shower door breaks? Get ShatterFilm+ by IGT Glass Hardware!

What Is ShatterFilm+?

IGT Glass Hardware cares about quality, safety, and innovation. ShatterFilm+ is a clear film layer that comes pre-installed on our upgraded standard shower doors and full sliding shower door systems, holding it together if it should break. With ShatterFilm+, a glass shower door will stay hanging when and if it breaks. Even if it falls out due to buckling, it will fall gently in one large sheet instead of thousands of fragments.

The Added Safety Benefi ts of Using Shatter Film+

ShatterFilm+ uses a transparent layer of vinyl to hold the broken glass shards in suspension after impact. ShatterFilm+ makes cleanup a breeze if your shower door should ever break. Instead of walking across the equivalent of glass gravel to reach safety, your client can simply exit the shower while the glass f r a g m e n t s r e m a i n s t u c k t o o u r ShatterFilm+ panel.

Installing glass that comes with ShatterFilm+ offers consumers a huge advantage over unprotected tempered glass. Imagine if a child has a shower door shatter on them while bathing or if they are alone in the bathroom when it spontaneously breaks. They could panic and hurt themselves while dashing over the fallen glass. Or if someone is elderly and lives alone, the results could likewise be disastrous. Imagine slipping and falling onto a floor covered with glass shards!

Why Add ShatterFilm+ to Your Next Project?

​​​​​​​Homeowners are very concerned with safety in their living space. They may not be aware of the dangers of glass shower doors, providing you as the glass installer the opportunity to educate them on the risks. Once the homeowner is aware of the breakage possibility associated with glass doors, there’s no reason for them to choose another material: you can tell them about ShatterFilm+ and offer the upgrade to them for a small additional fee.

Any safety-conscious person will be grateful to you for your concern for their wellbeing, immediately enhancing your reputation in the community. Being able to offer your clients this important upsell will help you serve their needs and establish you as trustworthy and knowledgeable.

Offering the ShatterFilm+ can also put at rest the fears of the clients who are aware that glass shower doors can break, but don’t know that there is a way to make them much safer. Help your clients get the design choice they truly want, with none of the risks. Make sure they know that because you source all of your materials from IGT Glass Hardware, you can offer safe, durable, and affordable options to suit every need.

How to Properly Clean ShatterFilm+

To keep ShatterFilm+ glass in its best condition, don’t use abrasive products or corrosive cleaners. If appropriately treated, ShatterFilm+ remains effective for up to 5 years, but cleaning it incorrectly could cause it to fail. Never use ammonia-based cleaners or abrasive powders, as these could damage the film and reduce its effectiveness. Harsh or acidic chemicals can also damage ShatterFilm+. Always be sure to tell your clients how to care for their ShatterFilm+ shower doors to ensure their longevity.

To clean ShatterFilm+ treated glass, use gentle cleaning products and a soft cloth or sponge. Dish soap works well for a general cleaner, and white vinegar cuts through hard water stains and soap scum with ease. To go longer between cleanings, wipe down your shower with a dry cloth after each use. This will eliminate watermarks and help prevent the buildup of soap scum.

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