Commercial "Square" Ladder Style Pull Handle

Commercial SQ Pull Handles - Item #:SQLH

Ladder Pull
Stainless Steel 316L
Glass Thickness
Designed for 3/8"(10mm) to 1/2"(12mm) tempered Glass
Requires glass fabrication (see template for reference)
Gaskets and Metal/Decorative washers
Limited 3 years warranty

When you want a stylish handle for your glass door decor, ladder-style pull handles are a great option. Their squared-off look is great for sharp-lined or minimalist aesthetics, drawing attention only to essential features.


Our commercial SQ ladder-style pull handle fits any glass door from 5/16"(8mm) to 1/2"(12mm) thick. It comes in various sizes and multiple finishes to suit any kind of commercial entryway or interior door. Each handle has two arms that attach at right angles to the glass door using two 5/8"(16mm) holes drilled in the panel.


We also include decorative washers to give our SQ ladder style handle a finished look once installed. It comes in multiple lengths to fit any size door. Available handle lengths are 24", 36", 48", 60", and 72", so there's sure to be an option for your every project. As an additional feature to our SQ ladder-style pull handles, the Brushed Nickel and Matte Black finishes have an antimicrobial coating that repels bacteria with every touch.


Our lab results measured the antimicrobial coating’s ability to repel both Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus on the handle’s surface. Between 4 different samples, the layer consistently repelled between 98.9% and 99.99% of the tested bacterial samples. In all four instances, 99.99% of the E. coli were repelled, and in only one S. aureus sample did the resistant rate reach only 98.9%.


Especially during these pandemic times, sanitation and safety are a top priority for all of us. Having doors with self-sanitizing handles is a perfect way to enhance the safety of any commercial building. With possibly hundreds of people touching the handle per day, there’s no way to adequately sanitize it unless the material itself does it for you. Consider IGT Glass Hardware’s SQ Ladder-Style Pull Handle for your next glass door project, and give your client both safety and style in the process.


IGT Commercial SQ Ladder Style Pull Handle

Sizes Available:


12" Center to Center 24" Overall (Item# SQLH12X12)

24" Center to Center 36" Overall (Item# SQLH24X24)

36" Center to Center 48" Overall (Item# SQLH48X48)

48" Center to Center 60" Overall (Item# SQLH600)

60" Center to Center 72" Overall (Item# SQLH72X72)

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