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Combo 9" Corner Glass Shelf Kit

Promo of our combo Corner Glass Shelf Kit is a great add-on. Item #:CGS9x9_KIT

Item Specification
3/8" Tempered Glass and Zinc Alloy Adjustable Shelf Brackets
No Fabrication required
Limited 3 years warranty
rubber gaskets, stainless steel mounting screws and plastic anchors

The IGT Corner Glass Shelf Kit is an excellent addition to your shower enclosure or anywhere you want to add an upscale and space-saving design. It features a 3/8"(10mm) thick transparent tempered glass shelf with polished edges. Our convenient kit also includes corrosion-resistant mounting brackets that improve the shelf’s longevity, quality, and weight-bearing capacity. We don’t leave you hanging—our kit also comes with stainless steel screws and plastic anchors, so you don’t have to dig through other boxes to find what you need.

Never worry about where to put the shower accessories again! Our sleek design doesn’t weigh down the open aesthetics of a glass shower design. With minimal intrusion, the transparent shelf doesn’t distract from a glass shower enclosure’s modern appeal. And if you want an understated approach to shelving in other rooms, this product combo also fits the bill!

There’s nothing tacky or bulky about our corner shelf. It fits into any room with modern or minimalist decor and comes in two finishes: Chrome and Brushed Nickel. Our shelf design is sure to please your clients, and our handy combo pack will save you both time and money.

Application List
CGS9x9-KIT-CP Available Finishes: Chrome (CP)
CGS9x9-KIT-BN Available Finishes: Brushed Nickel (BN)
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